Candice Gaddy


Founder Candice Gaddy suffered a Post-Partum Stroke and brain hemorrhage March 2, 2018 8 days after having her 2nd son, Myles Gaddy. Candice was experiencing a normal day breast feeding Myles when she began to experience a horrible headache. Her Mom in Love was there and as the pain became more unbearable Candice who can handle pain very well, asked to call 911. Upon EMS arriving they noticed her blood pressure was 190/85 which normally Candice's blood pressure is always low. So immediately they took her to the closest hospital. Hours after being at the hospital, they concluded she had a migraine headache as her vitals began to appear more normal, so they were releasing her. Prior to checking out Candice went to the restroom and her husband noticed her speech was slurred and she was staggering. He asked the doctors to take another look. They completed CT scan only to notice bleeding on the brain. The doctors took immediate action to have Candice airlifted to the main hospital in Charlotte, NC to perform a craniotomy. As expected Candice's family was in disarray as the doctors were clear this was a bad situation and unclear of what the outcome will be. Thank God Candice came out of surgery well. Soon as Candice woke up from surgery she was able to immediately identify everyone in the room and speak. Speech was slightly slurred and mouth slightly twisted but mentally she was 100% responsive and looking for her husband. Within 2 days Candice was removed from ICU and placed in a standard room. The nurses were amazed at how quickly she recovered. Therapy in hospital began and that was a breeze as well. After 5 days she was released to go home, she could not wait to get home to her babies. Physical and speech Therapy was required afterwards. On the 1st visit, it was determined no physical therapy was needed given great progress already. She only continued speech therapy given her demanding career to ensure she would be prepared to return to her corporate job. Candice was also released from that early also. God performed a miracle with a speedy recover.

So now Candice is on a mission to pay it forward by highlighting God's miracles at the forefront and also bringing awareness to the seriousness of Post-Partum complexities.