To Inspire All to Trust God for healing miracles and create equal Post-Partum support/education.


Create platform of awareness of God's daily miracles and a network of believing partners/experts to uplift and support one another.


700 women die each year as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications

Another 62,000 women per year experience a close call

American women are 50% more likely to die from childbirth than their mothers

60% of deaths are preventable


1: Showcase and share publicly all God’s miracles. I am the start but it will be a platform for everyone to share and be inspired daily! Even to connect with faith partners if needed. We stand on the wall for each other.

2. Create awareness/education on postpartum complexities leading to death.

3. Create urgent advocacy needed in the healthcare community!

4 . Raise funding and support systems for families and children left behind.

Network of I BELIEVE counselors to refer mothers to nationwide.

Specifically support for dads


Having a child should be life altering for the positive of all!

In Adopting families to help with medical bills.

In Adopting a child left behind to ensure needs are met.

In Having I BELIEVE partners for those in need.

Representation in all 50 states - A leading advocate in each state to spread the word.

Network of preferred I BELIEVE doctors/Experts connected to I BELIEVE to answer medical questions





Obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN)

“We Believe in Healthy Birthing experiences from inception through Post- Partum”,

We connect mothers with educators to walk them through the process

We provide counseling for families affected by post-partum complexities

We create partnerships with churches nationwide to educate and counsel expecting mothers to be and mother’s post-partum